About StuffYinzersLike.com

First, our sincere apologizes to the geniuses at Stuff White People Like. Like Jesus (R.I.P. Spring, 33 A.D., Un-R.I.P. three days later), George Carlin (R.I.P. 6/22/2008), Madonna (Virginity R.I.P. Sometime in 1984) and Caroline Rhea (Career R.I.P 2007), you blazed a trail on which us mere mortals can only hope to follow, stealing your comedic model along the way. If immitation is the sincerest form of flattery, then consider us the Judge Joe Brown, Judge Judy, Judge Mathis and Judge Alex to your Judge Wapner.

As for who we really are, we’re a few people who live in western Pennsylvania and marvel at the unique culture that exists. Whether it’s mullets or perogies or the Stillers, we are constantly amazed at how so many people could mutually agree on dropping the verb “to be” when something needs — ahem — done.

We want to say that we love you. We truly love who you are and all that you stand for. We promise this love isn’t simply to make fun of your way of life, though that certainly contributes to it. No, we love you because you love yourselves, you revel in your collective culture of bad taste, AC/DC and headache-inducing local brews, and respect that you can live this day-in and day-out without the kind of wincing that you cause in us.

Remember… we love yinz guys n’at.

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