Craigslist Yinzers #8 – Ummm, Really?

Medala PUMP IN STYLE Breast Pump for Fridge and or Cash – $150 (Mckeesport)

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Date: 2008-07-17, 9:53AM EDT

Pump in Style electronic Dual Pump…used for only 2 weeks and had to switch to formula.
$249.99 Retail
Selling for 150$ firm… (Editor’s Note: Hahaha.)
Or will take interesting trades.
(I do need a basement fridge/freezer.)
Let me know what you have

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8 Responses to “Craigslist Yinzers #8 – Ummm, Really?”

  1. It is beyond me what people are thinking when they advertise this stuff – I’m just wondering who scours craigslist for a breast pump.

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