#9 Uncle Charlie’s Sausage

A huge pig-head-shaped hot air balloon. Young children screaming “Uncle Charlie’s Sausage, please!” And, despite all of these curious-at-best ideas for a commercial, you’ll see this brand at any Yinzer cookout.

Charlie is probably a perfectly good guy, and he’s surely never harmed his nieces and nephews. His sausage is absolutely terrific once soaked in beer and loaded with mustard. However, in the age of To Catch a Predator, there could hardly be a worse name for a phallic-shaped food product.

When at a Yinzer cookout, grab a Mancini’s roll, throw on a link of sausage and smother it in peppers and onions. Enjoy it. Savor it. But don’t dare laugh at it. Yinzers take their Uncle Charlie’s Sausage seriously, and anything other than respect will be deemed offensive.

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