Yinzers in the News #4 – SYL Shameless Self-Promotion

WTAE shows us some love, which is a good thing since we just used an image of one of their newscasts to, well, make fun of them. Our only concern is that the WTAE coverage might signal that we’ve already jumped the shark.

In honor of their acknowledgement of our blog, we’ll lay off the local news media for at least 24 hours. Plus, it’s really entertaining to hear two blonde, attractive, non-Yinzer women actually say both “Yinzer” and “n’at.” I freakin’ love this town.

Note: WTAE ladies, please email us at yinzguys@stuffyinzerslike.com. We’re normal, attractive, young, successful, single professionals that happen to have a need for an anonymous creative outlet, and you obviously appreciate a little humor. Or don’t email us, you know, whatever.

(our little 25 seconds of video fame starts at 1:49)


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