Yinzers in the News #2 – Watch Your Hammy Karma

From the New Castle News, again

Have no fear, if all hell breaks loose, this 40-year amateur radio operator turned an acre of land on Mosser Street in Shenango Township into a makeshift radio command center:
Jenna Staul / New Castle News

A few golden nuggets…

For Jim Klingensmith, ham radio is more than just a weekend hobby…

…Draped in blue tarp and surrounded by windmills that power the site, the shed houses an estimated $15,000 worth of radio equipment that runs entirely off an elaborate system of solar and wind power as well as batteries and a back-up generator. Running water is provided through storage tanks that collect rainwater from the roof, which then goes through a purification filter.

Way to go, Jim. You completely blew past anything those folks at ready.gov could have ever expected.

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  1. Oh no, his name is my name too. Is it too late to become a Jingleheimer-Schmitt?

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