Yinzers in the News #1 – Poop Found on an Elevator

Much like the obvious title Snakes on a Plane, this article is pretty much exactly what it says. Brought to you by the high-brow New Castle News, here’s the money quote:

Gary Stone Jr. is disgusted with the crap taking place in New Castle’s parking garage.

I also learned something about the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and their substandard data collection:

Elevator defecation cases are not tracked by the state.

The rest of the article is priceless, too. Read it at: http://www.ncnewsonline.com/local/local_story_340093257.html. If the front page of the local daily newspaper had an article about a neighborhood fire, someone pooping on an elevator and a list of the latest deaths every day, you could sell it for $2.00 an issue without blinking an eye.

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  1. that might be why Najeh Davenport was released! We know he loves to do that in certain places!

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